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List of Suggested Books and Websites to learn more about Posters. We are regular readers of, and visitors to these.


Furness, Richard (pub 2009-2017) - “Poster to Poster; Railway Journeys in Art”, Vols 1-8.
The definitive series of books covering the railway posters of the British railway companies from the late 19th to early 21st centuries. Wonderful books, part travelogue, and part showcase to the most comprehensive collection of poster images seen in any books.

Yardley, Edward (pub 2015) – “Frank Henry Mason; Marine Painter and Poster Artist”.
Full coverage of the life and work of Frank Mason, with a complete thumbnail-image catalogue of all the railway posters he produced – 201 in total, between 1910 and 1961.

Cole, Beverley and Durack, Richard (pub 1992) - “Railway Posters 1923-1947”.
Now quite an old publication, but does a good job of showing the best of the “Big-Four” period of railway posters.

Bownes, David and Green, Oliver (Editors) (pub 2008) - “London Transport Posters; A Century of Art and Design”.
An excellent study of the history of London Transport posters, with expert design-related discussions, and over 250 images.

Green, Oliver (pub 2001) - “Underground Art; London Transport Posters 1908 To The Present”.
A chronological run through London Transport posters, with over 200 images.

Not the easiest search site to use, but the results can be worthwhile.
A rather friendlier version of a search tool, but covers a lot more than railways.
Full search facility covering posters and original artwork used for London Transport (Underground, Buses, Trams, Trolleybuses, Green Line), and even their huge photographic collection, with an excellent design of site.
An always interesting and eclectic blog on all things poster and design related.