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London 1972 - Roberson

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London 1972 - Roberson Summary

Title - Some Centenaries 1972.
- London, England.
- Peter Roberson (1907-1989).

- A London Transport poster depicting various famous faces from London's history with a birth or death centenary in 1972, and where to go to see or do something related to them. They are; King Henry III, Ben Jonson, John Donne, Luke Howard, Edward Adrian Wilson, Edward Johnston.

Year Published - 1972
Size - Double Royal  (approx 40 x 25in or 101.5 x 63.5cm)

Other Details:
Original Vintage London Transport Poster.
Print Code - 272/1581M/6000 - (printed in Feb 1972, to a run of 6000)
Printed by Johnson Riddle & Co Ltd

Condition Grade and Condition Report:
Grade: A-, historically conservation-backed on linen.
Small pin/staple holes top and bottom. More detailed photos are available on request if required.

More About The Artist:
Peter Roberson was born in Oxford in 1907, went to Oxford Art School, and to the Clarendon Press in 1924 where he drew maps and designed book jackets. He moved to London to work in advertising as a visualizer, illustrator, poster designer and copywriter. He designed 29 posters for London Transport between 1948 and 1978.

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London 1972 - Roberson

London 1972 - Roberson

Title - Some Centenaries 1972 . Location - London, England. Artist - Peter Roberson (1907-1989) . Description...