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Dove Cottage - Wilkinson

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Dove Cottage - Wilkinson Summary

Title - Dove Cottage Grasmere.
- Grasmere, Lancashire, England.
- Norman Wilkinson CBE (1878-1971).

- The simple interior of William Wordsworth's basic Lakeland cottage, the view being the main kitchen-parlour. Wordsworth lived here as he started his family, and some of his famous works were written while living here. The cottage is now a museum.

Year Published - 1925
Size - Quad Royal  (approx 50 x 40in or 127 x 101.5cm) plus linen border

Other Details:
Original Vintage LMS British Railway Travel Poster.
ERO 53351
Printed by John Horn Limited, Glasgow London.

Condition Grade and Condition Report:
Grade: B+, we have had this poster conservation-backed on linen. For more details of the process please see the "Conservation" page of this website.
Minor age discolouration to the white borders, a few minor original paper creases and faults, minor restoration to top and bottom edges following removal of previously nailed-on hanging bars. The poster was acquired from an estate sale in the USA, where it had been backed and attached to bars decades ago. This old backing and the bars were removed as part of the new linen backing procedure.
More detailed photos are available on request if required, including the condition before the restoration.

More About The Artist:
Norman Wilkinson was born in Cambridge. His greatest love was painting, and he was largely self-taught, in both oil and watercolour. During WWI he created 'Dazzle Painting' as a form of camouflage for ships. He was one of the best marine painters, and his work is in many public collections, including a series of WWII sea battles at the National Maritime Museum. He initiated the 1920s LMS poster work, and created a large number himself over the years. He received his CBE in 1948.

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Dove Cottage - Wilkinson

Dove Cottage - Wilkinson

Title - Dove Cottage Grasmere. Location - Grasmere, Lancashire, England. Artist - Norman Wilkinson CBE...