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Newquay Untitled

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Newquay Untitled Summary

Title - (Newquay - On The Atlantic Coast of Cornwall - Travel By Train) (Untitled version).
- Newquay, Cornwall, England.

- A photographic image of a busy British seaside area as advertised in 1961. This poster was normally released with yellow and white lettering in the bottom sandy area relating to Newquay. This example missed out on the second run through the printers to add the words, and the printer's registration marks suggest that it might have been a proof copy.

Year Published - 1961
Size - Double Royal  (approx 40 x 25in or 101.5 x 63.5cm)

Other Details:
Original Vintage British Railways Travel Poster.
Published by British Railways (Western Region) P.R. 192/61
Printed by Waterlow & Sons Limited, London and Dunstable

Condition Grade and Condition Report:
Grade: A/A-, un-conserved.
Small edge nicks, printer's registration marks top and bottom. More detailed photos are available on request if required.

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Newquay Untitled

Newquay Untitled

Title - (Newquay - On The Atlantic Coast of Cornwall - Travel By Train) (Untitled version) . Location...