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SS Avalon - Johnston

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SS Avalon - Johnston Summary

Title - SS Avalon - The New British Railways Ship for Harwich-Hook of Holland Night Service.........and all who sail in her.
- Robert Johnston (1906-?).

- A fine marine painting by Johnston. This poster appears to have been released in two versions. We believe this to be the rarer version, as it doesn't appear on any online sites like the NRM. The wording suggests that the poster was released to conicide with the appearance of the ship in active service. The other version just refers to the SS Avalon as being one of the fleet, which would suggest that it was a re-release a little later.
The SS Avalon was the final British 'classic' cross-channel railway passenger ship, built by Alexander Stephen & Sons, Glasgow. It has been described as the most beautiful and powerful-looking of them all, and was introduced in 1963, with a capacity for 750 passengers. British Railways also built into the ship's design one alternative function which it fulfilled during the off-peak season - that of part-time cruise ship. Consequently, the Avalon was fitted out to an unusually high standard including full air conditioning, and throughout its Harwich career short cruises to various destinations around Europe and beyond were offered - Portugal, Spain, Morrocco, Scandinavia being typical destinations in addition to around-Britain sailings. The introduction of the second British car ferry at Harwich in 1974, ended its mainline role at that port. It was then sent to Swan Hunters on the Tyne for conversion which stripped out its two lower decks (mainly comprising cabins) for use as car garages. With a capacity for 210 cars loaded via a stern door, its new career would be on the Irish Sea, starting on the Fishguard-Rosslare run in July 1975. In 1979 it was replaced by the chartered Stena Normandica and moved north to Holyhead for the Dun Laoghaire run. Then in September 1980 it was sold for scrap, assuming the name Valon and later made the trip to Pakistan to be broken up in 1981.

Year Published - c1963
Size - Quad Royal  (approx 50 x 40in or 127 x 101.5cm)

Other Details:
Original Vintage British Railways Travel Poster.
Published by British Railways (Eastern Region) (PP 159329)
Waterlow & Sons Limited, London and Dunstable

Condition Grade and Condition Report:
Grade: A-, un-conserved.
Folds and pinholes near corners. More detailed photos are available on request if required.

More About The Artist:
Robert Johnston was born, as far as is known, on Rothesay island off the Scottish coast in 1906, the eldest of three brothers. A product of the stormy west coast of Scotland, with a passion for the sea and ships, it would have been natural for Johnston to have associated himself with some kind of seamanship, and in WWII he commanded HMS Louis.
He was a three-times summer exhibitioner at the Royal Academy, a member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists, which he joined in the late 1940s, the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours from 1954 and the Royal Institute of Oil Painters from 1963.
He is known as a creator of rural idylls and tradesmen depicted as happy in their work for Austin Motor Company, Longbridge car brochures. He also took on many magazine and book illustration commissions, and produced a number of posters for British Railways

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SS Avalon - Johnston

SS Avalon - Johnston

Title - SS Avalon - The New British Railways Ship for Harwich-Hook of Holland Night Service.........and...