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Artist List

Poster Artists List

This is a list of Artists whose poster work we currently have for sale on this website. It is updated whenever a poster is added to or removed from the website, so should always be accurate.

It is not a clickable list, just a way of showing all the artists in one list. Using the search box for the surname of an artist should come up with all the posters by that artist.

The list is in surname order, with all known other names shown afterwards. Should you have any queries, please feel free to ask.

Amstutz, Andre
A.P.T. Ltd
Barker, John Rowland
Bawden, Edward
Beales, Joan
Bishop, Michael
Black, Montague Birrell
Blake, Frederick Donald
Bossfield Studios (A.R. Harrison)
Bromfield, Kenneth
Brown, Gregory
Buckle, Claude Henry
Burgess, Arthur James Wetherall
Carr Linford, Alan
Cattermole, Lance Harry Mosse
Clark, Estra
Cobb, David Charles
Collins, Peter
Cooke, John
Cooper, Austin
Cowern, Raymond Teague
Cuneo, Terence Tenison
Danvers, Verney
Davey, Gordon
Durman, Alan
Eckersley, Tom
Ellis, Edwina
Fenton, Ernest William
Finnie, John
Fraser, Eric
Frazer, William Miller
Fryer, Wilfred Moody
Gilfillan, Tom
Greene, John
Griffin, Frederick
Hofbauer, Imre
Hooper, George Winston
Hoyle, Edward
Huveneers, Pieter
Johnston, Robert
Keely, Patrick Cockayne
King, Charles
Lampitt, Ronald
Lander, Reginald Montague
Lee, Kerry
Lingstrom, Freda Violet
Macfarlane, Alasdair
Mackenzie, Helen Margaret
MacLeod, William Douglas
Mann, Paul B
Mason, Frank Henry Algernon
Mayes, Reginald
McKeown, Joseph
Merriott, Jack
Moody, John Charles
Mount/Evans (Reginald Mount, Eileen Evans)
Myers, Bernard Louis
Negus Sharland (Dick Negus, Philip Sharland)
Neiland, Brendan
Nevin, Pat (Paddy)
Newbould, Frank
Nicoll, Gordon William
Nicolson, W.C.
Olszewski, Janusz
Osborne Robinson, Thomas
Padden, Daphne
Payne P.
Payne, Stanley
Pears, Charles (Chas)
Pond, Edward
Riley, Harry Arthur
Roberson, Peter
Rodda, Melvyn
Russell, Gyrth
Sawyer, Arthur
Sayer, J.P.
Shepard, Charles (aka Shep)
Sherwin, Frank
Silas, Ellis Luciano
Sims, M
Smith, John S
Smoothy, Derrick
Spencer, E.H.
Spense, Basil (Sir)
Steel, Kenneth
Studio Seven
Taylor, Fred
Tittensor, Harry
Tripp, Herbert Alker
Unger, Hans
Uptton, Clive
Walker, S.A.
Weil, Hanna
Wesson, Edward
Wilcox, Leslie Arthur
Wilkinson, Norman
Wollen, William Barnes
Wolstenholme, Arthur Nigel
Zinkeisen, Doris