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About the Posters For Sale on This Site

The posters are all original vintage posters, and not new reproductions. This means that very few of them are going to be in Mint or Nearly Mint condition. They will often have been stored in some of the worst possible conditions during their lives – folded or rolled in attics, under carpets and lino, in garden sheds and coal sheds. Some will have on the back the original thick pencil name of the station to which they were originally sent for exhibition. They were obviously not used, as often stations received more than they could sensibly display or the stationmaster had a preference for one over another. The fact that they still exist is an accident, and is a testament to the quality of paper which was being used for what were designed to be short-lived items of advertising.

The posters we are selling have been acquired over a number of years and from all manner of sources around the world. Some will have specific stories to go with them, most will not. We will provide as much detail about each poster as possible including a detailed condition report, using the grading scheme given below. This report and any photographs provided should be used to determine if the poster is in a suitable condition for you to buy. More detailed close-up photos of any faults etc can be provided on request. We cannot be held responsible if you have not confirmed that the condition meets your requirements before buying. We will obviously offer a full refund if we have significantly misdescribed a poster's condition.

Poster Condition Grades

A; Poster is in near mint condition, with only the very slightest signs of its age.
A-; Poster is in excellent condition. Good colours and may include slight creases, or folds, and if mounted on linen may include slight restoration.
B+; Poster is in very good condition. There may be very small losses and tears, and if mounted on linen these may have been restored.
B; Poster is in good condition. There may be minor losses and some tears, and if mounted on linen these may have been restored.
B-; Poster is in reasonable overall condition. There may be losses, heavily worn folds, more major tears etc, and if mounted on linen these may have been restored.
C; The Poster may be in poor condition, but not beyond being restorable in the right hands. If it isn't restorable it
won't be for sale.